Building Procurement

Building Procurement should have a contract to protect both Client and Contractor   A contract could be verbal or documented. With different types of development, it is common to have a written contract between all parties so everyone knows where they stand. This is vital to a construction contract.

Alpha Design Ltd, has experience in small and large scale developments,
and the contractual arrangements that usually goes with them. We can put the tender package together, provide recommendations and administer the appropriate contract accordingly.

There are many laws that effect construction contracts, the Construction Design and Management Regulations 2007, The Construction Act 1996 to name but two.

We use either the JCT family of contracts or the NEC engineering contract.
Both have advantages and disadvantages, and each one a suit a different
type of project based on cost or contractual arrangements.

We can help the client by offering a full rounded service taking the design
from concept to completion. Ensuring the end product is to the quality
standards expected.

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